Monday, July 9, 2012

Summer Vacation-Day #2

Larry is on vacation this week so we spent the day together as a family. Took Hannah to Mongolian BBQ for the first time and she loved it. She even used chopsticks. Walked around Coventry and went to Big Fun, where she was greatly impressed by their selection of toys and probably could of went crazy buying Wizard of Oz toys. We took her to Rocky River beach where she was certain she was going to get eaten by a shark :) I had to explain to her it was just lake Erie, and she did not believe me because it was "so big!" Went for an ice cream and then to 1/2 priced books where Larry bought his 305th book and added another rare book to his collection-Aldous Huxley 'Jesting Pilate'. I seem to have a knack for finding him rare books, this one is a 1928 2nd edition. I am pretty sure this weekend alone between the three of us we purchased about 25 books. Tomorrow I have school and have to have some blood tests done, but I am sure we will get in to some kind of adventure. Maybe Mr Divots for putt-putt?

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