Monday, August 6, 2012

Closer to 30, then 20

Most people do not have a problem with getting older, they take each birthday milestone and celebrate and move on. But I do not seem to be on the same page as everyone else. First-birthdays(or birthday week, even though I am closing in on 30) are a big deal to me. To me my birthday should be regarded with as much importance as Christmas or Easter(not for religious purposes of course but for the celebration of it)and I have carried/passed this on with my daughter. Her birthday is a week-long celebration where we do more activities then we normally do in a week. But anyways back to my dilemma. My mother keeps reminding me I am closing in on 30 (I am 27, so I still have a good three(err 2.5) years) but it is in my brain and it has stuck. This "30" talk is also usually followed with when are you getting married? And when is monkey going to be a big sis? ...... But that we will save for another date... I should also point out I look young for my age, I usually get IDed(when I do not I also get very upset)and when I am called ma'am ugghhh. When my daughter was six months old I joined a play group (I was 23 at the time) and some of the children were older and they called me Miss Katy, I have felt old since then. I was also one of the youngest moms in the group and one lady is my elder by 23 years..of course age does not matter when it comes to friendship..but being a "miss" aged me at least five years if not ten.

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