Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Little H

About two years ago my mom started teaching herself how to create things for the girls. Prices on Etsy and Ebay were outrageous and she knew she could do the same job and it would just cost the price of some ribbon, glue, thread, fabric, etc. She started with bows and they were adorable. But she was always skeptical about selling to other people because she was still learning. She has since then taught herself to embroider and applique shirts, make embroidered bow holders, and sew beautiful creations
This Thing 1/Thing 2 dress was created by her own design (fabric wise). Well the other day she told me she was ready to create and sell the the public. I am so very proud of her. I will be handling the actual selling of the items because she is the creative genius behind it all. And I recently talked to a photographer friend who is going to set up a model shoot to get professional pictures of our items, I am so excited for everything that is happening. I love you mom. Little H & I are truly grateful for everything you do for us.

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