Monday, August 6, 2012


Today I got a call (well several calls) from people I have known all my life. People I have not spoken to in a while, but when you grew up in my town it was like you are some part of a secret society. We all know each other and in times of sadness we find each other once again. This is especially true for my middle school class (7th/8th grade). Our school had 2 honors class, the kids that were in band were in one class and those in choir in the other because during that period we went to our respective class. So for 2 years (almost 3 because most of us were in sixth grade together to) we all were together, we grew up together, we had first experiences with each other, we spent our weekends, birthdays, etc with each other. Of course when we went to high school some of us stayed friends, some of us went separate ways or moved away (in my case I went to a different school) but in our hearts we were all a part of one another. My best friend during these years went on to marry someone from the class we had been. ...BACK to my calls... A friend, one of the 25 or so of us that experienced all this together, was found dead. Now I have had my share of early loss and have lost a lot, A LOT, of friends and people I care about to unfortunate life choices, but I was just (am just) shell shocked by this whole thing. I ran in to this individual about a year ago, I think it was about the time he got out of the military, and it was like the years had not passed, we spent nearly 2 hours talking, remembering, and catching up. (Again this is just how we are, and if you are a part of this you understand what I am talking about, others have no clue and think we're insane). I am so happy I got this time with that person, but I never thought the call I got today would have his name attached to it, I was for certain I would be seeing him next year at our 10 year high school reunion. But like so many that have come before him it will be until we meet again. Rest in paradise my dear friend, you will ALWAYS hold a special place within my heart.

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Kim said...

awwww....I do know how you feel. I have friends like that too and I'm 52. Hang in there.